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Customized Size Polished Viscont White Granite Kitchen Worktop with Polished Flat Eased Edges

Customized Size Polished Viscont White Granite Kitchen Worktop with Polished Flat Eased Edges
  • Material: Customized Size Polished Viscont White Granite Kitchen Countertop with Polished Flat Eased Edges
  • Place Of Origin: China
  • Brand: EWS
  • Standard Thickness: 2cm (3/4")  and 3cm (1 1/4")
  • Finishing Way:  Polished, Honed, Antiqued etc
  • Edge Profile:  Flat eased, Bevel Edge, Half bullnose, Bullnose, Waterfall, dupont, Ogee, Laminated edges, etc
  • MOQ: Negotiable
  • Application: Countertop, Worktop, Table top, Kitchen top, Benchtop, Bar top, Bathroom Vanity top,  etc.
  • Sizes :  Accept Any Customized Sizes. and the below are some Regular-Wholsales Sizes of Prefab granite countertop.
    2400*600mm (94"x24")
    2600*600mm (102"x24")
    2800*600mm (110"x24")
    2750*650mm (108"x25.5")
    2500*650mm (98"x25.5")
    2440*660mm (96"x26")
    2500*910mm  (98"x36")


Viscount White granite is one kind of popular granite stone that with a mix of white, gray and black colors, making it perfect for contemporary bathroom vanity top,kitchen countertops and other project construction purpose,. It will come in with random pattern variations between different slabs. Viscount White has a very soft looking that makes it in to every designer's dream. It is often used for Countertops and worktops, also it can be used for any other exterior and interior construction stones applications.It is also be called "Viscount White Granite,Bianco Viscont White Granite, Branco viscounde Granite, Madanapalle White Granite,Madanapalli White Granite,Viscon White Granite,Viscont White Granite,Wiscont White Granite,Visconte White Granite,White Tapestry Granite,Wiscount White Granite,Wiskont White Granite,White Viskont Granite,Viscont White Granite ". Viscount White Granite can be processed by different finishing way, such as Polished,  Honed, Flamed, Sandblasted, Bushhammered, Antiqued, Natural split ,Tumbled ,Pineapple and so on.

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